Convo is
for planning private events.

Convo makes planning events with your real friends easy 💁 📅 🎊.


Plan events with ease

Convo makes it easy to plan events with real people. Invite your guests by name or email and they can RSVP in one click without having to create accounts of their own.

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How Convo fits in

Convo is intended to support real-world connections. More like email and texting than other social media platforms, Convo is private, email based, and does not broadcast how popular you are (or aren't).

Connect meaningfully

Convo allows you to connect with people directly via Convos. A Convo is a layer over email that makes it easy to find people by their real names.

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Publicly available source code

Convo is developed in the open. You can view our source code on GitHubcall_made and see exactly what data about you we have (and don't have) and how we use it.